A back-to-school prayer

Jesus, as you sat in synagogues and walked Galilean roads, you were called “good teacher.” As our Teacher, watch over and inspire school teachers this year. May their words be true yet humble. May their guidance be gracious yet firm. May they reflect you, the Good Teacher.

And with you as our Teacher, we are your students, your disciples, who watch you and listen to you, learning the way of eternal life. So, watch over us, your students, and all students as they return to classes. As their minds are challenged in academics and their bodies in athletics, may you also challenge and grow up their hearts that they might know and love and serve you with all of who they are.

Protect our children from bullies and may they not become bullies themselves.

May they forge friendships with the wise and the caring instead of with fools and mockers.

May the testing of their minds on exams prepare them for the testing of their faith.


May language arts classes teach them to love the Word. May science classes teach them to love the Creator. May math classes teach them to love the one who brings order out of chaos. May health and physical education classes teach them to love the God who became human and lived among us.

And may we who are finished with our formal education never stop learning and growing.